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Goodbye Euro?

The euro was once thought to be a symbol of peace and prosperity in post-World War II Europe. As the sovereign debt crisis continues, are ... tags: carnegiecouncil europe european union global financial crisis greece italy sovereign debt crisis

HIV Prevention in Africa: Are Western-Imported Methods Working?

Are Western-imported methods for fighting HIV/AIDS working in Sub-Saharan Africa Some critics argue that campaigns more aligned with ... tags: abstinence carnegiecouncil condoms HIV/AIDS safe sexabstinenceAIDS HIV Africa PEPFAR

Privacy and Responsibility on the Internet: Who Should Control your Identity on the Web?

11/18/11 Who should control your Internet identity In an age when bills are paid via PayPal, relationships are forged over Facebook, and ... tags: carnegiecouncil Facebook privacy internet anonymity internet ethics internet identity online ethics pseudonymity

Ikenberry: China & the Liberal Order

G. John Ikenberry discusses rising non-Western states, such as China, and how they will and do interact with the liberal international ... tags: Brazil Carnegie Council youtube carnegiecouncil Cold War G John Ikenberry Ikenberry Carnegie Counc Ikenberry China

Child Soldiers and Counter-Terrorism: Should the US Aid Countries that Recruit Child Soldiers?

Child soldiers and foreign aid raise an important ethical dilemma Should allies that use child soldiers receive US military aid, even if it ... tags: carnegiecouncil child soldiers ethics slideshow foreign aid terrorismcarnegiecouncilchild soldiers

How Should the US Handle Islamic Terrorists?

The fact that Guantanamo remains open, although the number of prisoners has been greatly reduced, shows how difficult it is to handle ... tags: Abu Hafs al Shahri al-Qaeda Anwar al-Awlaki carnegiecouncil Guantanamo Islamic militants Islamic terrorists

Joel Brenner: Transparency

Description Joel F. Brenner discusses the effects of increased transparency on both the personal and governmental level. This Carnegie ... tags: Brenner Carnegie Council Brenner electronic secur Brenner youtube business security Carnegie Council youtube carnegiecouncil CIA

Singer: The Drowning Child

Description Peter Singer presents the powerful hypothetical of the drowning child. This Carnegie Council event took place on October 6, ... tags: Carnegie Council youtube carnegiecouncil drowning child Peter Singer Peter Singer Carnegie Co poverty Singer Carnegie Council

Iran and the United States: Is Military Conflict Inevitable?

Recent allegations of an Iranian assassination plot in the United States have once again raised doubts about the effectiveness of ... tags: authoritarian carnegiecouncil democracy Green Movement Iranian assassination plot military conflict military intervention