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Budget Videos - 3 by Popular

Better Ways To Save: Hostess Gifts

Here's one more gift to add to your list. As you hit the holiday parties this season, giving a hostess' gift isn't required, but our better ... tags: budget Cooking Gifts Holiday Hostess Jeanette Pavini

Holiday Homemade Gelatin Air Fresheners : Director's Cut

Make Your Own Air Fresheners out of Gelatin Merry Trailer Park Christmas Up Next On Trailer Park Crafts With Jolene Director's Cut This ... tags: arts baby budget Christmas Craft crafts Decorated

Automatic US Spending Cuts Loom

Under current US law, automatic cuts to domestic programs and national defense will begin in 2013, because a congressional committee failed ... tags: budget Congress cuts debt deficit Obama supercommittee

Reaction in NYC Negative to Supercommittee Failure

People in New York, the US financial capital, reacted with frustration Tuesday to the failure by a special committee of Congress to deal ... tags: budget cuts debt deficit failure supercommittee voavideo

US Deficit Reduction Committee Fails

A special US congressional committee has failed in its mission to craft a bipartisan plan to reduce the federal deficit by at least 1.2 ... tags: Budget Congress Economy Partisan voavideoBudgetCongress

Deficit Supercommittee Admits Failure: Now What?

The bipartisan congressional committee charged with cutting the US deficit admitted failure on Monday. Judy Woodruff discusses the ... tags: american brookings institution budget committee for a debt ceiling deficit democrats

Election Politics Threatens to Derail Deficit Committee

In Washington, the congressional 'supercommittee' appears on the verge of failure as it nears a Wednesday deadline to cut the country's ... tags: budget budget cuts congressional debt deficit deficit committee Malone

Ron Paul: The Chinese Are Our Bankers, They're Not Going to Attack Us

11/21/11 -Please like, share, subscribe comment Ron Paul at the Christian Union Church in Indianola, Iowa Original video by http ... tags: 2008 2012 australia budget china dotcom foreign policy

Rick Perry indicates he wouldn't balance budget 'till 2020 (Manchester, NH)

Sponsor LRN.FM - Rick Perry indicates he wouldn't balance budget 'till 2020 Manchester, NH. Hear Perry's full Nov. 16 ManchSpeech at http ... tags: 2012 amendment balanced budget campaigns elections hampshire