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Cheated & Disowned: 'Greek 'tragedy' will take down rest of Eurozone'

Greek MP Simos Kedikoglou shares his thoughts with RT on what the future holds for a Europe struggling to contain its debt epidemic... RT ... tags: analysis austerity borrowing cash collapse cuts debt

Striking Hypocrisy: Eurocrats live in bubble as people suffer debt

It's been one of the toughest weeks yet for the European Union, as markets deem Italy increasingly unfit to weather the current economic ... tags: austerity Berlusconi borrowing budget cuts democracy economy

Lipstick on PIIGS: 'Germans fed up with Eurobondage'

European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso and German Chancellor Angela Merkel look set for a bust up. The unelected Brussels ... tags: Angela Merkel Barroso borrowing Brussels collapse countries crisis

Occupy EU: Eurocrats storm offices for more cuts

Across the European Union - the ongoing debt crisis has sparked an upheaval in the bloc's political landscape. From Greece to Italy, ... tags: austerity borrowing budget cuts Daniel Bushell economy election

Pain in Spain: Vote boycott expected as deadlock looms

Debt fears in the Eurozone are turning to Spain as its borrowing costs approached alarming levels. The EU's fourth largest economy is ... tags: austerity borrowing budget crisis cuts debt crisis economy

Debt Diets & Riots: Euro Lose/Lose?

New technocrat-led governments in Greece and Italy, are getting down to business to tackle their massive debts. Italy's Prime ... tags: austerity bailout borrowing budget cuts debt debt crisis

Day of Eurocrat: Red tape rogues hijack sovereign states?

It's all change for Europe as technocrat governments take over in Greece and Italy. In Rome, the former EU commissioner, Mario Monti, ... tags: austerity borrowing budget cuts dem economy election

Ousted by Austerity: Vote on cuts sees Berlusconi exit

In Italy, the race is on to form a new 'caretaker' government to pull the country back from a financial abyss. This follows the resignation ... tags: austerity borrowing budget cuts economy election EU

Era Ends: Silvio-free Italy to face debt diet

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi makes final preparations to say 'arrivederci,' but even those discontented with his policies ... tags: austerity borrowing budget cuts economy election EU