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Faith For Healing: How Much Is Enough?

How does your faith factor into your healing Is it because you don't have 'enough' faith that you haven't received the healing you've been ... tags: anxiety Bible blindness deafness demoniac demons disease ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital in Toronto

Canada is welcoming ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital As the world's first eye hospital with wings, this state-of-the-art surgical and teaching ... tags: 2011 blindness Donna Punch Dr. Amna-Noor Al-Gallas facility Flying Eye Hospital Goodwill Tour

Does God Promise To Heal You?: Superstition Vs. Obedience

Does God promise to heal you Why does the Bible instruct The Church to have the elders anoint the sick with oil, lay hands on them, and ... tags: anoint Apostles Bible blindness cancer deafness degenerative

Stroke damaged blind eye restored & numb leg & limp disappears

Stroke damaged blind eye and numb, limping leg healed, two years after the stroke when prayed for in Jesus' tags: blindness www.johnmellor.orgblindnessstroke

Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Onset)

10/21/11 This 3D animation explains the causes, symptoms and treatment of Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is a condition in ... tags: art beta blindness blood cells childhood damage

Optic Nerve Cut-Man Goes Blind; NY Medical Malpractice Lawyer Gerry Oginski Explains

10/17/11 The doctor told the patient that she had plenty of experience doing this surgery. She reassured him. She told him it ... tags: attorney blind blindness Bronx Brooklyn careless error

Yaz Birth Control Investigation

Pitched as birth control with benefits, did Yaz cause a woman's blindness tags: ABC abcnews Birth Control Blindness Chris Cuomo News Nightline

October 2011 Wellness News

Current News, Events and Resources in Nutrition, Food, Health, Recalls/Safety, Disability Rights and Environment. Encourages awareness ... tags: Blindness Breast Cancer Chiropractic Christmas Seal Depression Disability Employment Domestic Violence

Blind Man vs. Paper Money - Tommy Edison

Website Subscribe film critic Tommy Edison demonstrates how a visually impaired person may organize their money and how U.S. currency ... tags: access accessibility ben churchill bill blind film critic blind man vs blind man vs money