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Live Together, Die Alone | Myles Dyer

Live Together, Die Alone is a choice humanity faces right now, as living conditions in this global economy continue to worsen. I am really ... tags: 376 Alone Blade376 Charlie mcdonnell Die Die Alone Dyer

Just Like The Movies | Myles Dyer

Life can be just like the movies, but what movie do I most relate to I'll give you 12 clues, and you can give me your best guess Feel free ... tags: 376 Blade376 Bullied Dyer favorite favourite films

How to take on Mainstream Media | Myles Dyer

How to take on Mainstream Media, and why it's important we do OccupyMSM WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME Facebook Twitter ... tags: 376 Agenda Bias Blade376 Business Censor Censorship

Myles Dyer, Iain Dale & Peter Hitchens talk Occupy London | LBC 97.3 | Myles Dyer

I spoke with Iain Dale on LBC 97.3 London's Biggest Conversation in response to Peter Hitchens' comments about the Occupy London protests. ... tags: 376 Blade376 Dyer Iain Dale Inspire Jacque Fres LBC 97.3

Random as Duck | Myles Dyer

I've been too serious lately Randomness commence Featuring Suggest a Path by Exit Ten WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME Facebook ... tags: 376 app Ben 10 Blade376 Exit Ten exittentv game

Horizons Expanding | Official Lyric Video | Myles Dyer feat. NSG

Horizons Expanding 2009 - Rough demo created from scratch in 6hrs. A song that asks for people to act before it is too late. I have always ... tags: 376 Blade376 Earth Electronica Full Inspire Lyrics

Exhale | Myles Dyer

My personal Facebook - WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME Facebook Twitter My Live Show ... tags: 376 Blade376 Censorship Human Rights Inspire Mainst Myles Dyer

Occupy Wall Street & Mainstream Media | Myles Dyer

Occupy Wall Street is not going away any time soon. Universal Solutions Project I have a new channel for my Podcast ... tags: 376 Anonymous Arrests BBC Bias Blade376 Bribes

One Take Song

Myles asked me to make a 5 video to be shown at Stickaid. This is it. I realise it doesn't have anything to do with Stickaid, but I wore a ... tags: 2011 about blade376 blue charity cut dyer

Stickaid 2011 Promo

Stickaid 2011 is 1 Oct, 2011 at 12PM BST. Go to for more information. Time Converter http tags: billtvmacon Blade376 Charlieissocoollike UnicefbilltvmaconbiltvmaconBlade376