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Bob and Groz - 11/21/2011

Bob and Groz discuss how they think the Seahawks will fare in their next three games, which will all be at home games against teams under ... tags: 21 B&G mynorthwest1121B&Gmynorthwest

Michael Savage Attacks the Nutty Sideshow that is Occupy Wall Street - 11/16/2011

I was supportive of the movement at first, then I found out that most of them didn't know what they were talking about, plus they were ... tags: 1001 16 2011 attacks BG Conservative november

Bob and Groz - 11/16/2011

Bob and Groz both agree that signing Jamie Moyer to a minor-league contract would be an no-lose proposition for the Mariners. tags: 16 B&G1116B&G

Andrea - Iskam teb

performing the Super HIT ' Iskam teb I want you ' produced by Costi Ionita. tags: 2011 bg bulgaria bulgarian music chalga costi

Bob and Groz - 11/8/2011

Bob and Groz both agree that Joe Paterno can no longer be the coach at Penn State in light of the allegations that his former defensive ... tags: B&G11B&G

Bob and Groz - 11/9/2011

Bob and Groz both agree that Joe Paterno is handling the situation at Penn State poorly and that he should step down immediately. tags: B&G11B&G

Bob and Groz - 11/10/2011

Groz tries -- to no avail -- to convince Bob that the Seahawks will upset the Ravens this weekend. tags: 10 B&G1011B&G