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My Final Minute - I Write 50000 Words In One Day - A Novel! (NaNoWriMo)

Order Autograph Copy of 'Rindle Dindle the Magic Dance Pony A Novel I Did Write in 15 Hours Consecutive No Spellcheck' by Flula Borg ... tags: bestseller book books borg chapter djflula dope

Jackie Collins: The TMZ Girls Inspire Me!

A 27-time New York Times bestselling author says the girls of TMZ are strong, positive women. Strong, yes... but positive Really tags: author bestseller bitch female goddess of vengance inspiration new york times

Recipe for Murder by Joanne Fluke

Hannah happens to have a knack for discovering murder victims. She get mixed up with the cases and the police wonder what her recipe is for ... tags: Author Interview Bestseller Comedy Cookbook Cooking Detective Joanne Fluke

Interview de Jesse Kellerman pour son nouveau roman - Jusqu'à la folie

Retrouvez l'univers de Jesse Kellerman sur Rencontre Paris avec Jesse Kellerman, l'occasion de la sortie de son ... tags: amricain best-seller book books city des deux

Nicht gekauft hat er schon - Warum Sie dieses Buch kaufen sollten!

Aus welchem Grunde sollten Sie das Buch 'Nicht gekauft hat er schon - So denken Top-Verkufer' kaufen Martin Limbeck war es wichtig ein Buch ... tags: Amazon Bestseller Buch Buchtipp Hardseller Martin Limbeck misserfolge

Hörbuch "Das neue Hardselling" - Warum Sie dieses Produkt kaufen sollten!

Warum sollten Sie das Hrbuch 'Das neue Hardselling - Verkaufen heisst Verkaufen. So kommen Sie zum Abschluss Garantiert' von Martin Limbeck ... tags: amazon audio cd bestseller book deutsch hardseller howto

Mark Sanborn Explains Why You Don't Need a Title to Lead - Motivational Speaker

Best selling author, Mark Sanborn, explains why You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader - the principles of and the story behind his business ... tags: author best best-seller keynote leadership leading mark

Jim Sturgess was a pot-wash boy

One Day actor Jim Sturgess reveals his nightmare job, though Anne Hathaway has been 'lucky'. Like us on Facebook at and ... tags: actor actress adaptation anne hathaway best-seller book cinema

An Update on 'The Bond' Tour

After hitting 75 cities so far, Wayne Pacelle, author of The Bond, Our Kinship With Animals, Our Call to Defend Them, has 25 more cities to ... tags: best bestseller book books pacelle president seller