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2012 Awakening of Humanity - Dr. Luis Oscoy, Mexico

People frequently mark their lives with some occurrences or experiences that stay in their memories forever. Sometimes it is the experience ... tags: 2012 21 awakening begin beings december dr

Tsem Rinpoche's Paranormal Zone - The Little People

During World War I, my parents had to emigrate to Eastern Europe. They settled in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and created an idealistic life for ... tags: beings creatures little people supernatural world warbeingscreatures

Hidden Science of Miracles- Part I

Part One of Mitchell Gibson MD's Hidden Science of Miracles..this video was filmed live at the Wellness Television may find ... tags: ability advice angels attaching audio beings cds

Tim Calls in Who Worked at Area 52 and Saw Gov. Made UFO's Flying Doing Incredible Things

Tim calls into the show to talk with alex about his time working at area 52 and seeing the secret projects being tested over at area 51. ... tags: 51 alex aliens angels area beings craft

Alex Jones's Father Joins in The UFO Discussion and Tells some Tales of His Own Encounters

Alex's Father joins the show to add to the ufo discussion and tells some tales of seeing strange objects in the sky. One as recent as his ... tags: 51 alex aliens angels area beings craft

Dick Cheney: One Year As a Walking Zombie - Alex Jones Tv

Paul Joseph Watson Alex Jones Former VP marks anniversary as member of the living dead. Alex also talks about Apple's Steve Jobs and the ... tags: 51 9/11 aliens angels are area beings

Sv3rige - Moonstruck In The Shady Waterfront Ruled By Mechanical Beings Mega Mix

Download the 54 most amazing songs in the enitre history of music here Genre - Addicting The video is not supposed to show ... tags: Beings By house In Mechanical Mega Mix

What I've Realized from Living and Working with the Portal at Desteni

Discussing an overview of what I have realized from living and working with the inter-dimensional portal from Desteni. The portal has ... tags: act action assistance beings change channel Desteni