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Preview of interview with Bill McKenna

Author, businessman and family man Bill McKenna describes his rough journey towards learning The Only Lesson, that of letting go and ... tags: bblcsedona fear fighting forgiveness letting go love The Only Lesson

Preview of interview with Marc Allen

Owner of New World Library, Marc Allen has figured out The Greatest Secret of All. Now with a successful business, voted the 'Best Place to ... tags: bblcsedona fear greatest secret love New World Librarybblcsedonafear

Preview of interview with Philip Coppens

Author of The Ancient Alien Question and many other books in this genre, Philip Coppens discusses his role in the Discovery Channel series ... tags: 2012 ancient aliens archeology atlantis bblcsedona discovery channel lemuria

Preview of interview by Raymond Tarpey

Raymond Tarpey is a scholar or ancient cultures including Chinese, Japanese, Mayan and Inca and has also studied the lost cities of ... tags: Atlantis bblcsedona Chinese history Inca Japanese history Lemuria Mayan culture

Preview of interview with Klaus Dona on Humanity Revised

Klaus Dona shares some of the ancient artifacts he has collected and been loaned from around the world that point to a different story ... tags: ancient artifacts bblcsedona bones humanity unsolved mysteriesancient artifactsbblcsedona

Cystal Skull Event Press Conference for 11-11-11

Oracle Stone Productions presents the 13 crystal skulls in a press conference on 11-10-11 prior to the weekend conference. tags: 11-11-11 bblcsedona hunbatz men los angeles mayan elders11-11-11bblcsedona

Preview of interview with Nicholas Vesey on Developing Consciousness

Nicholas Vesey went from being an advertising executive to an Anglican priest and followed his path of consciousness throughout his ... tags: advertising Anglican priest bblcsedona church consciousness Developing Consciousness doctrine

Preview of interview with Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Resonance

Rupert Sheldrake talks about his work on morphic resonance and the morphogenetic field as well as his studies on telepathy in this ... tags: bblcsedona morphic resonance morphogenetic field telepathybblcsedonamorphic resonancemorphogenetic field

Preview of interview with Amy Ahlers on Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves

Amy Ahlers discusses the insights into Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves with Regina Meredith. Although the title sounds fun, the wisdom ... tags: bblcsedona big fat lies conscious media network healing new world library regina meredith self esteem

Preview of George Kavassilas (Part 2) on Our Journey Home

George Kavassilas continues his discussion with Regina Meredith in part 2 about the origins of the universe, our souls and the artificial ... tags: astral bblcsedona conscious media network ET fifth dimension fourth dimension jesus