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Bankruptcy Videos - 2 by Popular

Am I Required to List Stock On A Bankruptcy?

11/14/11 If you have stock then you are required to list it down in your personal property section of the bankruptcy. ... tags: Bankruptcy dividends Duncan Law Means Test Online Schedule I

Are Debts Ordered In A Separation Agreement Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

11/14/11 Payments on debts ordered in a separation agreement are not dischargeable in a bankruptcy. If a court order states ... tags: Bankruptcy Charlotte Credit Debt discharge Greensboro NC

Am I Responsible for the Loan On My Car If I Voluntarily Surrender It?

11/14/11 Even if you voluntarily surrender your vehicle it is still considered a repossession just voluntary instead of ... tags: automobile bankruptcy car creditor debt Duncan Law

Why Do I Have to Include My Spouse's Income If They Aren't Filing Bankruptcy?

11/14/11 You have to include your spouse's income in your bankruptcy because the courts require you to do so. They courts ... tags: bankruptcy Charlotte Greensboro lawyers NC Winston-SalemArent

Can I File Bankruptcy if I Recently Financed A Purchase?

11/13/11 If you have recently financed a purchase then you need to be sure to talk with your bankruptcy lawyer about whether ... tags: attorneys Bankruptcy car Charlotte Duncan finance Greensboro

Is Family Support Considered Income for Bankruptcy Purposes?

11/13/11 Family support is considered income for purposes of filing bankruptcy. The courts will look closely at family ... tags: attorneys bankruptcy Duncan income Law lawyers means test

How Do You Determine the Value of Your Home if Filing Bankruptcy?

11/13/11 The goal of the courts is to determine the fair market value of your house. Most courts will look at the tax value ... tags: bankruptcy credit Duncan housing market Law market Online

What Does It Mean If My Bankruptcy Case is Dismissed?

11/13/11 If your bankruptcy is dismissed then it means your case has been kicked out of the bankruptcy courts and you will ... tags: attorneys bankruptcy Charlotte debt discharge Duncan Greensboro

What Do I Do If I Want to Get A New Social Security Card?

11/13/11 If you need to get a new social security card then you should go to your nearest Social Security Administration ... tags: attorneys bankruptcy Duncan Law lawyers new card Online

Can Children Attend the Creditors' Meeting?

11/13/11 Yes, children can attend the creditors' meeting but we encourage our clients to find alternatives if at all ... tags: bankruptcy children Creditor Child Duncan Law Onlinebankruptcy