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Lost Odyssey HD Walkthrough Part 24

Tought fight to be just a 'mini' Boss Ghost Town -City of Ruins 3 items 1- Treasure - 5x Sandman's Seal 2- Pot - Kelo-Vitamin 3- Pot - 4x ... tags: 10 24 Ashe HD Odyssey Part Walkthrough

Final Fantasy VIII MOLJNCLGFLINLBLA Challenge Part 20 - Ultima Weapon

Actually Bahamut was much harder, forgot Eden but did the fight again and got it Rules of The Challenge MO - Magic Only May not use Attack ... tags: 10 20 Ashe Challenge Fantasy MOLJNCLGFLINLBLA Part

Star Ocean The Last Hope International - Treasure Hoarder Trophy!!

I was so afraid to have missed one since there are alot of missable chests at places you cant go back to but i got em all im so happy D tags: 10 11 22 50 Ashe1011

Final Fantasy Type-0 Boss #1

This is the new FF on PSP, very fun battle system, this is the first Boss Fight, odin Badass as usual, i had to cut FMV to prevent copyright tags: 10 Ashe10AsheFFT0