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Anti-Gravity Yoga - Mind, Body & Spirit

It doesn't quite defy the laws of physics, but it does help improve mind, body and soul. Where else to find Diagonal View... FOLLOW us on ... tags: America funny crazy anti-gravity body cocoon connected different emptiness

I MARRIED my blue eyed ANGEL

Found her waiting for me on the Edge of Forever, then I took her to nebulas, and she brought me back the Galaxy. A woman that sees inside ... tags: aliens alternative energy angel anti-gravity Earth free energy frequencies

Forbidden Knowledge, Decoding The Symbols

We've all seen the symbols hidden all over the world. Now, for the first time in perhaps thousands of years we are beginning to understand ... tags: 2012 adam ancient angels antigravity ark awakening

Road trip forks 1

A solstice miracle. All the major Blogs were represented EPMHOMOS Skate and Annoy. These parks on the Olympic Peninsula are a lot of fun. ... tags: adam and annoy ant antigravity dreamland forks

NOT! alien UFO technology.

TorrCochular StarShip Cruising Speed 460 mph faster than 205 meters/sec, with burst speeds of 1800 mph faster than 800meters/sec. ... tags: aliens anti-gravity conspiracy flying saucer TorrCochular1aliensanti-gravity