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Animals & Creatures Class 1: Assignment Examples

In our Introduction to Animals Creatures Animation course, you'll learn The mechanics and nuances of creating four-legged motion How to ... tags: 3d animation animals and creatures animation mentor cat animation learn 3d animation Mentor ogre animation

Animals & Creatures Class 2: Assignment Examples

In our Advanced Creature Production course, you'll learn Workflow fundamentals within the visual effects pipeline. Manipulate flying ... tags: 3d animation 3ds max animation animal animation animation mentor animation school creature animation dragon animation

Class 5: Advanced Acting Assignment Examples

Breathe life into your characters in a way that resonates for your audience while adding depth and dimension to the overall performance. ... tags: 3d Animation Acting Animation Animation Mentor Character Animation Computer Animation Demo reel

Class 6: Polishing & Portfolio Assignment Examples

You will polish the shots that you've created in the previous animation classes. You will also learn to prepare for animation job ... tags: 3d Animation Animation Demo Reel Animation Mentor Animation Tutorial Computer Animation Demo Reel Learn to Animate

Class 3: Advanced Body Mechanics Assignment Examples

This class focuses on full body performance-based animation that strengthens your solid foundation in body mechanics while bridging ... tags: 3d animation 3ds maxnimate an animation mentor animation tutorials learn 3d animation learn to animate

Class 4: Introduction to Acting Assignment Examples

Explore the basics of acting through dialogue, gestures, timing, and phrasing. This class walks you through each step of the process from ... tags: animation acting animation dialogue animation mentor animation school online learn to animate learn to animate 3d Mentor

Class 1: Basic Foundations Assignment Examples

Our classes have a laser focus on character animation in our step-by-step learning methodology where each assignment builds from the ... tags: 3d animation 3d character animation 3ds max animation mentor autodesk maya body mechanics maya

Student Showcase 2011 Testimonial - Animator Eric Anderson

343 Industries Animator Eric Anderson talks about his showcase shot. In the planning phase, Eric decided to create something different from ... tags: 3d animation animation animation mentor learn to animate Mentor3d animationanimation

Student Showcase 2011 Testimonial - Animator Travis Howe

Travis Howe, an Animation Mentor graduate, is currently working at Sanzaru Games in Foster City, Calif. Game animation requires animators ... tags: 3d animation animated animation mentor animation school cartoon interview learn to animate

Animation Mentor Career Services

Watch this video to learn more about our Career Services - meet the team, some of our alumni, and learn how we support our graduates in ... tags: 3D Animation Animation Jobs Animation Mentor Character Animation Creature Animation Learn 3D Animation Mentor

Animation Planning Tips from Animation Supervisor Jim Brown

Watch this great video from our Summer Edition Newsletter 2011. Tippett Studio Animation Supervisor Jim Brown shares his experience dealing ... tags: 3d animation 3d character animation animated animation ideas animation mentor character animation learn to animate

Animation Mentor Summer 2011 Graduation

We welcomed Graduating Class 19 and Graduating Class 20 to the ranks of our alumni community on July 16, 2011 in San Francisco, California ... tags: 3d animation animation community animation mentor animation school learn to animate Mentor3d animation