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Craft Beer

I consider myself a beer nerd and would love to start making video blogs about beer. What do you guys think I was not paid to talk about ... tags: 120 minute ipa aging aging beer alcohol Alcoholic Beverage bar beers

65 Yr Old Professor Poses CLOTHLESS With Students for Art!!!

Some may call it obscene. Michigan State University professor Danny Guthrie calls it art. The 65-year-old associate professor has been ... tags: AGING artwork CLOTHELESS COLLEGE HODGETWINS OLD PHOTOS

Britney Spears Idolizes Jennifer Lopez for Her Beauty

Pop icon Britney Spears idolizes Jennifer Lopez for her beauty. Hey everyone this is Ani Esmailian for Hollyscoop. Britney Spears, who is ... tags: 30 42 aging Ani Esmailian backup dancer Barbie doll beautiful

7 Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin

Practicing yoga on a regular basis can help you look more youthful, vibrant and beautiful throughout your whole life. Here are 7 yoga ... tags: aging beautiful camel pose effects fish pose inversions Lexi

Cynthia Kenyon: Experiments that hint of longer lives

11/17/11 What controls aging Biochemist Cynthia Kenyon has found a simple genetic mutation that can double the lifespan of a simple ... tags: aging Biotech C. Elegans Director Genetics Medicine mutation

Alzheimer's Disease: Treatment, Research

There is no cure for Alzheimer's, but there are steps to slow its progression. learns about how Alzheimer's affects ... tags: aging Alzheimer s Society of M causes complications degenerative disease dementia diagnosis

Alzheimer's Disease: Risk Factors, Prevention

Not all memory loss is normal as your grow older. learns about the risk factors associated with Alzheimer's, and also ... tags: aging aluminum Alzheimer s Society of M causes cholesterol complications degenerative disease

Alzheimer's Disease: Warning Signs, Symptoms, Causes

This degenerative disease causes memory loss, mood swings and eventually proves fatal. learns more about the causes, ... tags: Agein aging Alzheimer s Society of M Alzheimers Disease causes complications degenerative disease

Grassley Co-Hosts National Heart Gallery Exhibit Supporting Foster Care

Senators Chuck Grassley and Mary Landrieu hosted the National Heart Gallery Exhibit on Capitol Hill. There are nearly 100 Heart Galleries ... tags: Adoption aging Care Chuck Democrat Exhibit Foster