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US Spends 59% of Budget on Defense

The United States is slated to spend 59 of its Fiscal Year 2012 discretionary budget on 'defense'. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks ... tags: afghanistan war cost afghanistan cost iraq defense cuts defense department defense waste discretionary budget

'US eroded by own terror crusade'

There is no evidence the US fight against terrorism has made it less potent, whereas America has been significantly eroded over the course ... tags: 9/11 9/11 2001 Afghan war Afghanistan war Amer Bin Ladens Legacy Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Serving in Afghanistan - Where Soldiers Come From - POV | PBS

10/12/11 Bodi and Cole, two of the soldiers featured in Heather Courtney's documentary 'Where Soldiers Come From,' talk about the state ... tags: afghan afghan people afghanistan war army deployment michigan military

Living With Traumatic Brain Injury - Where Soldiers Come From - POV | PBS

10/12/11 Having been in many trucks which were struck with improvised explosive devices IEDs while serving in Afghanistan, Matt 'Bodi' ... tags: afghanistan war army brain damage brain injury ied improvised explosive device michigan

Afghanistan War Profits

Abdul Aziz Khan, URDU VOA NEWS, Washington. While different sectors of the US economy are suffering and trying to make ends meet, weapons ... tags: Abdul Aziz Khan Afghanistan war Afghanistan War Profits F16 General Dynamics Lockheed Martin Taliban

CrossTalk: Frenemies Forever

What is the future of the war on the terror given the lack of trust between the two countries What is the future of the War on Terror given ... tags: 9/11 attack Afghan militants Afghanistan invasion Afghanistan pullout Afghanistan US troops Afghanistan war Ayesha Siddiqa

Inside Story - Kabul's new strategy for peace

Why has the Afghan president abandoned peace talks with the Taliban Guests Ali Sarwar Naqvi, Jalal Rabbani, Omar Samad tags: afghanistan afghanistan war Ali Sarwar Naqvi aljazeera Hamid Karzai inside story insidestory

Out for Ice Cream: Life Goes On Amid Killings in Afghanistan

Since late spring, the Taliban have been expanding their control over Balkh province, which, only a year ago, was considered the safest in ... tags: Afghan Culture Afghan Life Afghanistan Afghanistan Ramadan Afghanistan War Anna Badkhen Ice Cream

Witness - Homefront

More women are serving on the frontlines than ever before, but many return home to find that new battles await them. tags: afghanistan war aljazeera Amie Williams homefront Iraq veterans ptsd US army