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Charles Random Dials Some People (Prank Call)

Charles is bored so he random dials some people just for fun ENJOY and Don't Forget to Subscribe THE ART OF PRANK CALLING soundboard prank ... tags: Afgha angry bored call calling crank dials

Rude Lawyer Begins His Campaign Of Terror In New York!

Rude Lawyer begins his campaign of Terror on some New Yorkers PRANK CALL ENJOY and Don't forget to Subscribe THE ART OF PRANK CALLING ... tags: Afgha npranksteAfghaMissourinprankste

Rude Lawyer Calls a Rude Frank! (Prank Call)

First time using Rude Lawyer calls a guy named friend who is as Rude as him ... ENJOY and Don't Forget to Subscribe THE ART OF PRANK ... tags: Afgha call calling constructions crank duncan Frank

Asians Call The Exchange Asian Students

A montage of calls to some Exchange Asian students centre using a variety of the Asian victim soundboard, eg Vietman, Chinaman, crazy ... tags: Afgha calling calls chinaman crank crazy exchange

Duncan Calls a Redneck Carpenter & The Texas Douchebags!

Frank Garrett aka Duncan calls a redneck carpenter at his work to find out who has been calling him and as it gets a bit confusing it ... tags: Afgha calling calls carpenter constructions crank douchebags

CRB Calls Bailbonds, Chris & Depressed Guy Call Suicide Hotline

This call was done in collab with another prankster.. Colossal Racist bitch calls the bailbonds and gets in to an urgument with the lady on ... tags: Afgha bailbond bailbonds bitch call calling chris

DMF Gets An Advice From a Random Guy (PRANK CALL)

DMF calls a random guy who randomly advices DMF about life and all he did was ask him for a drink that night. Also feat Frank Garrett aka ... tags: Afgha artprank call calling calls constructions crank

Just When They Thought Frank Garrett Was Dead | HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!

Just when they thought Frank Garrett was gone forever, he rises up to haunt them. The legend must live - Happy Halloween This did not end ... tags: 2011 Afgha body calling constructions cranks Dead

Duncan Calls Some Oklahoma Residents (PRANK CALLS)

Duncan aka Frank Garrett gives the residents of Oklahoma some calls. ENJOY and Don't forget to subscribe THE ART OF PRANK CALLING ... tags: ABG Afgha calls constructions crank duncan ecl

Prank Montage 1 - feat ABG, JackAss Plumber etc

All the short calls will be updated as Prank Montages and this is the first of series. This one includes Angry Black Guy, JackAss Plumber, ... tags: abg Afgha angry black guy calling Canadian Guy frank garrett jackass Plumber Harlem Barber

Charles Wants To Sell His Dirt Devil To Frank's Friend & Another Charles!

Charles Gives Frank's Stoned friend from Kansas a call and wanting to sell his red dirt devil when he refuses to buy it he decides to call ... tags: a to z pawn Afgha Calling Calls duncan constructions duncans stoned friend frank garrett

Chris The Hacker Confuses a Hotel Reservation & a Motel Clerk!

Chris The Hacker calls a hotel reservation and causes a confusion wanting to know the name of the hotel, he then calls a motel and claims ... tags: Afgha Calling Calls Chris The Hacker crank calling Cuases confusion Funny