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OccupyMN Faces More Restrictions

Hennepin County Commissioners vote unanimously to adopt policies that will make it more difficult for OccupyMN protesters to continue ... tags: aclu hennepin county occupymn ows sleeping tentsaclu

Fox News Blames Occupiers For Police Violence?

160+ Fox News Bias videos at More Fox News bias involving Bill O'Reilly at The supposed news analysis from 'The O'Reilly ... tags: aclu american bill bullets civil daily excessive

OccupyMN Wins Free Speech Battle With Hennepin County

Chalk up a victory for free speech at The People's Plaza also known as the Hennepin County Government Center. OccupyMN's protest signs are ... tags: aclu hennepin county minneapolis Take the peoples plaza Up Video

ACLU President on NEW YORK NOW

ACLU President Susan Herman talks to the statewide PBS show NEW YORK NOW about the Patroiot Act and if civil liberties are any better under ... tags: aclu albany american civil herman interview liberties

What Do Our Jails Say About Us?

Stop the Brutality at More ACLU related videos at While gangs are a problem in many jails and prisons, the gang of vicious ... tags: abuse aclu american angeles baca beating brutality

Know Your Rights?

More info at I recorded this video of Carlos Villarreal, Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild's San Francisco Bay ... tags: aclu american arrest california carlos civil constitution

We Suck And Here's Why

If you like me or hate me and wish I was dead, you should join my forums at because they're pretty damn nifty and ... tags: ACLU Alabama Atheism Atheist Bullying Christianity Church

ACLU Challenges Unconstitutional Illinois Eavesdropping Act

Sept. 13, 2011. Illinois. Illinois officials continue to violate the first amendment by making it a crime to audio record police in public. tags: ACLU Act allison amendment arab Archives Challenges

Top Threats to Civil Liberties After 9/11: Q&A w Mike German of ACLU/former FBI Agent

'The government has no right to pick through your private information just because that's technologically possible,' says American Civil ... tags: 9/11 911 ACLU American arrested attorney Bureau

US security measures 'eroding civil rights'

US citizens now face greater surveillance, screenings and security checks, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Civil liberties organisations, ... tags: 911 decade aclu aljazeera civil liberties rosiland jordan september 11 washington