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Author: LottoJournal
Added: Fri, 03 Apr 2009 15:52:41 -0800
Duration: 300 Xzotto Review - Lottery Pool Winner - How to Win Lotto by Joining a Lottery Syndicate Team - Is This a MLM Scam Part 1 of 5 NOTE: & http://www.LotteryPoolWinner are BOTH my websites so if you join through either one of them, you will get my BONUSES either way (under "Hot Methods LLC" company) Is xzotto a scam? What's up with this weird name xzotto? Why are all these people on youtube and the internet now saying to join xzotto? Is this another typical pyramid scheme? Great questions... ...Watch this video where I show you a closer and INSIDER look into what xzotto is all about. In short, this is NOT a scam. This is NOT a pyramid scheme. Instead, xzotto is a legitimate business opportunity that has a legitiamte service (lottery pooling) for lottery players around the world. It's great because you can play the lotto at the comfort of your home wih a group of other lotto players. ...