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Today I talk with Thomas Clifford who I met at Blogger Social earlier this year in New York. Tom is awonderful producer of films for corporate clients and someone that Iwanted to talk about how corporate films can create engagement. Tomblogs about how to bring brands to life at Director Tom. We talk about

How do you turn an idea into a visual brand storyHow you work out what is the brand storyHow do you reconcile the making of an engaging visual with ensuring the "corporate message" is communicated?How Tom thinks of the answers first to know what questions to ask!How the brand narrative needs an intro, a hook and an ending.Is there a way of ensuring that the audio and visual leave the consumer remembering not only the story but also the brand?How important are consumer demographics in ensuring that the right visual is produced?What difference does it make if the customer will be watching the video on their computer compared to in a traditional setting?Is You Tube devaluing film or making film more accessible to individuals?Are companies switching from professional short films to less professional short video to engage consumers?

If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at or hop over to Facebook group for The Engaging Brand. or the new room set up on Friendfeed
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