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Broome Community College
February 11, 2009

With an appearance by Governor Paterson toward the end.

NY Governor Paterson is proposing massive budget cuts to vital services for New Yorkers, while refusing to ask the rich to pay their fair share.

We demand:
-- Full funding for health care
-- Affordable public education
-- A Fair Share Tax where the richest New Yorkers pay an appropriate tax rate
-- No tuition increases for SUNY & CUNY

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Statement from the Student Action Collective:

Who We Are

The Experimental Media Organization/Student Action Collective (EMO/SAC) is a group of students seeking to broaden the media landscape of SUNY-Binghamton and the Binghamton community at-large. We define experimental media as forms of communication and participatory journalism outside the mainstream structures of present American society, including multiple mediums not necessarily considered part of the traditional media lexicon, including but not limited to forums, speeches, film-screenings and teach-ins. Most importantly, Experimental Media is a tool for social justice and is therefore inextricably linked to action-based projects and goals. As a subgroup of EMO, the Student Action Collective (SAC) will guide the process of turning experimental media into social justice action.

We are a radical-based group concerned with social, economic and environmental justice, self-determination, and student power. We organize on a consensus-based, non-hierarchical model. We are committed to building a movement that recognizes and opposes the inter-connected forms of oppression. Our membership is youth oriented in spirit but not limited by age, and includes a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. We believe in autonomy and celebrating the strength all individuals bring to our movement due to their own unique life experiences.

What We Do

We believe strongly in the necessity of radical, progressive, systemic change in society, and we try to ensure that our work on specific issues advances that broad, overarching goal. Sometimes we work on massive campaigns involving dozens of events and months of organizing (such as our current anti-war/counter-recruitment work), other times we organize a single event to draw attention to an issue we feel is being neglected. We also work to create and nurture a web of mutual-aid and solidarity between groups; we support other struggles with people power and other resources. Our work drives us to organize protests, vigils, street theatre, concerts, teach-ins, petition drives, and more. In doing so we make flyers, talk to our neighbors and people on the street, go to city council meetings, build signs and banners, hold press conferences.,We also believe in sharing our skills and knowledge with one another, and learning together. We try to hold monthly potlucks to build a sense of community amongst ourselves, our allies, and those who want to become involved. We want to create a supportive community that puts into practice the values and ideas for which we struggle.