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This week it's all about the new U.S. President, Barack Obama! He wants to use tech to make government more transparent and interactive, and we look at the positives and pitfalls. Plus, our Artist of the Week takes to into a world where the Mona Lisa has tattoos and we look at a couple of tools to expand Twitter and Facebook.

FU of the Week: President Barack Obama -, White House website, Barack Obama site

Music Video Spotlight: Under the Pines by Bodies of Water - Their site, Their MySpace

Artist of the Week: Tebe Interesno, His site, Submitted by Mike Ambs

Discuss: If Obama posts legislation online for citizen feedback, how can they manage thousands of comments?

Show Links: The number 44, Obama and the number 44, Wired article about Obama's tech goals,'s discussions, TwitBlogs, FBCal, Game fakery discussion

Featured MIX Members: Yanaboo, Derek's niece Chalice

Credits Video: Clangor and Flutes by Sin Fang Bous - Their MySpace

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