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This is the song Mute by Blaqk Audio off the CD CexCells. It was a bonus track for the Best Buy version of the CD. This is my personal favorite and I made a slide show type thing for it. I know the slide show sucks, I made it quickly, but the song is worth listening to, enjoy.Kiss or kill, like cry or cut,like the virgin ice of an early winterwaiting to drown with just one step - with just one misstep -I go under.Such a beautiful mess, pretend that you're appalled.In a sin tight dress confess and bare it all.Like kiss or kill, like this...Scream through dreams that cut your voice off.Wide awake will nothing soothe?With one word I'd take this pain from youbut I fall mute.It seems the sweet sixteen went sour so long ago.The evening gown was cleaned but the slipalways seems to show.I heard you cry in my distance.I heard the lies through all the tears.I was denied and left distant.I heard you fell, well I'm still hereI heard you cry in my distanceYou fucking lied, well I'm still here.