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love me forever, test sequence for show reel from svanes on Vimeo.

there have been some technical issues with the playback of this video. it may be choppy on some computers. try viewing this in FULL SCREEN format or DOWNLOAD the film in order to view it in a better resolution (link to download is found at lower right of this page).commentary: as an experiment, i've edited a sequence taken from the dailies that i have from the feature film that i production designed last year, a film called LOVE ME FOREVER. this is my edit, not the official edit (i have yet to see the finished film or even a rough cut, for that matter).ironically, there's very little production design in this sequence; i mean, it's there but this is all the footage that i have from the film.hopefully, that will change soon.i think i was able to procure about 4 or 5 dvds of dailies before i returned to los angeles. this is the first cut.there is so much that is not seen in this sequence. alas, i don't yet have much footage that features the more heavily production designed sets.since this sequence is edited from dailies, you will notice that the image resolution is very low and you will see the time code at the top and bottom.the original format is 16:9, which i'm not sure if that will translate well to vimeo's format.sebastian winterø did the cinematography - though, given the manner in which i may have butchered this sequence, he may not thank me for crediting him. ; )more credits will be listed at a later is from angela mccluskey (her cover of 'love is stronger than death') and radiohead ('all i need' from 'in rainbows'). there is no audio from the film itself, btw.

Cast: svanes