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Show News:
Thanks for coming back and downloading episode 2! The quality improved a bit but when the conversation was levelated, it offered an annoying buzz in the background, you may hear it a bit in this unlevelated version. Walt caught the problem and is recording differently for episode 3 in effort to make the quality better.

You can look forward to hearing Curt “The Camera Guy” Arndt in some future episodes if a few technical hurdles can be figured out, but in this episode’s show notes, you’ll see a very lengthy and well-written letter Curt wrote to us with some great points. We’re really looking forward to him lending his voice to Kore Philosophy, making our show even better!

We introduce Ben in this episode, a great friend of Walt and Jonsey’s. Ben has a background in broadcast, just like Walt and it really shows in this episode.

The links for the news stories won’t be available this episode… sorry!

Final Fantasy XI

Ben has something that plugs in and buzzes and no, it’s not an electronic bee! He’s also got a couple red rings on his 360!