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My first - ever karaoke contest, as in the description. It's been the first time I've ever sung to a microphone. It felt very strange and scary, but sooooooo nice at the same time ^____^English translation provided by :AnimeLyrics dot ComEnglish Translation(Yeah yeah yea~~h, Hey hey he~y hey he~~y)The dark night sky separates usto lay bare our hearts as they call out to each other.Cast off your useless trappings. Some things can only be seenwhen you've lost everything.Oh wind, I will stand and face you!I will go to the sea of anguish,though bonds cut my chest,and the crushing waves are endless.(Yeah yeah yea~~h, Hey hey he~y hey he~~y)What does everyone seek by fighting?Does spilled blood cause flowers to bloom?Until the precious tomorrow is in my hands...Until the day we meet...Oh wind, I will stand and face you!I will go and head for the brilliance.Embracing prayer to my heart,I wander the seemingly dark future.Oh wind, I am not afraid!Love is the miracle I have found!It's my joy to believe in you.The storm blows so that we might realize [our] love.

Author: UnruhestifterOliko
Keywords: muzyka świata karaoke kiseki no umi maaya sakamoto lodoss convention
Added: June 15, 2008