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or totally stole this idea from us, we've been thinking for a long time that earnest people reacting to a candidate is the future of music video.By Election08 On YoutubeAndy CobbJosh FunkNyima FunkMarc Evan JacksonMark KienlenDavid PompeiiMarc WarzechaSpecial guests:Beth FarmerMatt CraigRebecca AllenKai PompeiiKevin DouglasVictor Cohn-LopezThe work that we face in our time is greatin a time of warand the terrible sacrifices it entailsthe promise of a better future is not always clearthere's gonna be other warsI'm sorry to tell you there's gonna be other warsthere's gonna be a lot of combat woundsand my friends it's gonna be toughand we're gonna have a lot to doThat old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran?Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb...I'm still convinced that withdrawal means chaosand if you think that things are bad nowif we withdraw--you ain't seen nothing yetwas the war a good idea, worth the price in blood and treasure?It was a good ideaPresident Bush talked about our staying in Iraq for 50 yearsMaybe a hundred, that's fine with meI don't think Americans are concerned if we're there for a hundred years, or a thousand years, or ten thousand years.

Author: Election08
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Added: February 11, 2008