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IATA actively lobbied in Europe to persuade MEPs and Commissioners that aviation was not a significant source of global warming greenhouse gas emissions, and that it should not therefore be included in the Emissions Trading Scheme - while simultaneously threatening that the entire industry in Europe would face disastrous consequences if aviation was made to pay.IATA, the lobby group of Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France and other airlines, has used a combination of greenwash PR and heavy-handed hreats to convince EU decision-makers that airlines should be excluded from the EU emissions trading scheme or at least be given free pollution permits if included.Aviation is the fastest growing source of CO2 emissions in Europe, but according to the website created on behalf of IATAs (Enviro.Aero) and adverts in major international newspapers featuring flowers and butterflies, airlines only contribute 2% to global man-made CO2 emissions. This figure dates from 1992 and omits all the other non-CO2 emissions and indirect effects at high altitude, downplaying the real damage being caused by aviation. If these are taken into account, aviations global contribution is estimated as between 37%, while in the EU, aviations contribution to climate change was estimated as between 4.711.6% in 2005.From: htto:.//