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NASA - Hubble's Eye on the UniverseWFPC 2The Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2Hubble's Eye on the Universe.Eagle NebulaSome of the most iconic images of space from Hubble were taken by its camera workhorse — Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2.Eagle NebulaKeyhole NebulaBeautiful views of the universeOrion NebulaAnt NebulaCat's Eye NebulaEta CarinaeWhirlpool GalaxyCrab NebulaCentaurus A GalaxyEskimo NebulaLagoon NebulaHourglass NebulaOverlapping GalaxiesSpirograph NebulaA better look at neighborsSaturnMarsJupiterLife and death among starsTurbulent star birthPortrait of star birthDeath of a sun-like starCapturing the violence and drama of the cosmosDancing galaxiesTrifid Nebula Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacting JupiterView of a perfect stormDoomed starDiscovering the cosmosAnd exploring the depth of the universeHubble deep field"