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Author: RMtrackcam
Added: Thu, 14 May 2009 14:49:37 -0800
Duration: 0

On-board footage from Heat 2 of first 'away' round of 2009 Daytona Dmax Sprint Championship - held at Whilton Mill. Got away cleanly this time and managed to miss a small coming-together or 2 - moving up to 3rd at one point - before a couple of the fast guys came past to drop me to 5th. A good heat - but the kart was not great and I wasn't able to push hard to catch people ahead. Due to the problems with the Daytona heats system not working with Whilton's electronic timing setup - we were not allocated different karts for each heat - which made it a bit unfair if you didn't have a good one.........RM :-|