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I hung out with Waka sensei again, sipped tea on her beautiful deck and talked our heads off.  First off we discussed some news stories including whalers missing their targets thanks to the efforts of the Sea Shepard and other anti whaling groups. Apparently by the end of March, the whalers will only have caught 500 or so whales well under their original quota of 900. We also briefly talked about the Tax dodging sisters who got busted for stashing an incredible $56 million in their garage.

We talked a little about retro Japanese games including Super Mario and about how I will be setting up a shop to sell Japanese goods abroad. Stay tuned for more info.

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Finally we listened to some tracks from the hilarious show Sora mimi Awa (video).  Viewers of the show submit songs in other languages that sound like they contain funny phrases or words in Japanese. Submissions tend to vary in quality but the good ones are hilarious including "Through the never "by Metallica. In the chorus James Hetfield sings "Twisting
Turning, Through the never". However, to Japanese people it sounds like "Sushi, Tori, Furo, Nero" or "Sushi, chicken, bath, sleep". This show never ceases to cause a few giggles.

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