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excerpts from cecilie for the production designer showreel (extended version) from svanes on Vimeo.

this is one of the final tests for the extended version of the cecilie showreel for my production designer's showreel. total running time is 7.5 minutes.i production designed this film, cecilie (released in denmark in 2007), so this particular video highlights more of the production design and less of the film's narrative elements. therefore, things might be a bit confusing or appear not to build a narrative, but so be it.everything that is in this particular film is the work of the production design, from the set design and set constructions, the decoration, the onset lighting (practicals) the costumes, to the snow and ice. each environment has either been built and decorated from scratch, or completely worked over from what it once was. nothing appears in this footage by chance.most of the music is taken from the film's score, but there is some additional ambient music taken from cliff martinez's work on the film solaris, and the song "the national anthem" from radiohead is also used.text has also been added, to help explain a bit about the film's narrative. these may prove to be unnecessary.a much shorter version of this particular show reel will be made - that version needs to be 3 minutes.

Cast: svanes