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A new data analysis software system in Connecticut searches online job listings in order to help colleges identify the skills students need to find jobs in today’s market.
The project uses a web crawler that scours online listings in the financial services and insurance industries, then sends that information to specialized software built specifically for this effort. Ultimately, the data collected is sent to colleges to help them develop relevant curriculum for their job-seeking students.
The state of Connecticut used part of a $2.7 million US Department of Labor training grant to develop what is seen as a model project for other states.
The state called upon Skillproof, a Bridgeport, CT based labor research organization, for its web crawling technology with data analytics software designed by IBM, Pace University of New York..
Already, the project has proven to be worthwhile. The data collected by the software showed that there were a large number of unfilled openings for high-paying insurance actuarial jobs. When looking for actuaries, employers look primarily for analytic and communication skills. With this information in hand, Connecticut schools were able to respond immediately by expanding their curriculum to teach the specific skills associated with actuarial work.
Developers of this software system hope that the success in Connecticut will encourage other states to utilize the system and fill niches in all industries by identifying the skills students need to find high-paying jobs in today’s market.