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Read, please. Your brain will thank you for it.http://www.boh3m3.netMusic by GuiltyBystander: necklace, before you ask, is from EDM Designs on Etsy: THE VIDEO:It's 2:00 AM Hollyweird time and I'm finally uploading this video. Without embellishment, I'd say I worked on this teeeny weenie tiny little 1 minute and 10 second video a grand total of perhaps 10 hours.Each element was lovingly placed, animated, and screamed at for your enjoyment by yours truly.That's right: I made this.Some people thought that I had used some elaborate and heretofore unknown Apple intro template when my introduction became a sort of slick and somewhat tacky MTV-style.Ha. Ha.I'd like to dedicate this video to everyone that believes in me. Everyone who sees that I'm not just another worker bee that's only good at slinging plates at a restaraunt or filing papers in some grey office.Those of you watching this in said offices can feel free to give your manager the finger, walk out the door, and immediately regret it. There's a recession on and you need a job, so it might have been ill-advised for you to go around flashing fingers.To everyone that didn't believe in me, or thought I had lost my touch, or otherwise wished me ill:You can imagine what I'd like to say here, but I'm pressed for time and wiped out. Just imagine something nasty so I don't have to bother with you.Those of you wondering about the specifics on how I did the video, what fonts I used, how I rendered it without my substandard computer exploding, etc. can take a flying leap cause I'm not telling :D That would spoil all the fun of working it out for own damn selves for a change.Love and kisses,Zaphod BeeblebroxP.S. - Oh and just one more thing: the people who subscribed/checked my website got a chance to see my work nearly a full 10 hours before you. Might want to pay more attention if you want the scoop.EDIT!: I realize the speech is a bit stiff, if not Captain Kirkian. I blame this on trying to conform my pacing to the music and playing a LOT of Portal.My focus, however, was to show my skills as a motion graphics artist and to try kinetic typography, which I have loved and admired for a looong time now.