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We're back and kicking off the year with Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab, co-creators of the Sarah Silverman Program, writers of Monster House, and founders of Channel 101. We're also trying to figure out what's up with Obama and his lack of Twitters and find a web app you can use to torture your friends!

FU of the Week: Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab - Dan's site, Rob's site, Channel 101, The Sarah Silverman Program, Monster House, Their Pixelodeon keynote

Music Video Spotlight: Spanish Eyes by ELK - Their site, Their MySpace

Check out the Daily Photo Projects for 2009

Show Links: Barack Obama's Twitter, Obama Inaugural Twitter, Change_Gov Twitter, NIN forums, NIN news on NewTeeVee, Wakerupper, Artist of the Week: Giles Walker, Flash Game Challenge: Winter Bells, Discuss game fakery

Featured MIX Members and Fans: Vu Bui, Jeff Rizzo

Credits Video: My Robot Friend by Robot High School - Their site

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