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its hard to tell cause the drummer had the freakish ability to double himself precisely but, here's 2 completly different drum takes,one on the left the other on the right,{ an idea i got from the temptations "ball of confusion"....the mikes were far away in a bathroom so the have a lot of air to crack against the tile walls.... les paul on rhytm pickup, real live flute. when they do the main melody in unison,its a perfect blend .same tone. ocean sounds and hypnotic hofner bass. an original slice of music by sour cream suits.from the unreleashed album"sew up your hole'...robb cecil drums, jeremy healy turntables,,,cant remember the flute guy........the congas and little sqeaky rhytm guitar came from vynyl that jeremy put on tape ,then when constructed the rest on top of it.....does anyone give a fuck? me neither so i win... and yeah we smoked tons of pot kirk douglass.what?