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Blues Jam Tracks: How To Use Them To Improve Your Guitar Playing Immediately

is where you can get these jam tracks from. These are jam tracks I made with my band after so many requests from students at our...

Jimi Hendrix Red House Style Guitar Lesson With Steve Trovato

- In this lesson Steve will show you one of his famous '1x12' licks that works grea...

Ultimate Blues Jams - Skinny Legged Woman Griff Hamlin

- This is a collection of some of the most popular blues jam tunes on the planet, played by a professional band mine and avail...

Pedalboard Demo Griff Hamlin 11-2012

- In this video I just wanted to do a demo for all the guys who were asking about it on facebook. I'm ...

Ultimate Blues Jams - Dallas Rain Demo Griff Hamlin

- The jam tracks are now available. I went in the studio with a real band the same guys I play with most of the time and we pu...

Electric Guitar Lesson: Chord Soloing In The Style Of Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

- This is a lesson I put together to start to demonstrate the Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan SRV approach to playing ch...

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson With Robert Johnson Style Turnaround

is the link for a FREE 6 part series on how to play acoustic blues guitar taught by me, Griff Hamli...

Griff Hamlin - Battle of the blues, Murrieta, store finals 2012. Tie Breaker

This is the tie breaker round from the first video. Fortunately my wife had her camera there so the audio is not as good. On this one you ...

Griff Hamlin - Battle of the blues, Murrieta, store finals 2012. First time around.

From Murrieta store finals on 6-5-2012. Ended up being a 3 way tie and had to do a tie breaker which is in another video. Daniel Newell ...

Guitar Center Battle Of The Blues: 5-8-2012 Murrieta Store... Winner!

I was able to win the night with this one. I played over Austin Skyline Shuffle as chosen by all of you. Thanks for the encouragement, and ...

Guitar Lesson: George Thorogood Oklahoma Sweetheart Style Lesson

- This lesson is in the style of 'Oklahoma Sweetheart' as done by George Thorogood. It's not a note for note rendition so muc...

Blues Guitar Lesson - How To Play Blues Guitar With 4 Notes Part 2

Blues Guitar Lesson at if you'd like to get the TAB and downloadable versions of the videos. This won't ...