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Favorites of nsmith8516

Favorites Of Nsmith8516


Chatroom of Solitude - Teaser Trailer

When you're a superhero who do you turn to at the end of the day Written by Jeff Lewis The Guild and directed by Sean Becker The Guild, ...

Dark Horse Comics - The Goon

Based on the Dark Horse Comics series 'The Goon' more at 'SHOW MORE' FOR SYNOPSIS FULL CREDIT LISTWhen a bunch ...

Phil Coulson (Agent of SHIELD) FAN FILM

Marvel's most polite badass gets his own fan film. Prior to the events set forth in 'Iron Man', agent Coulson comes upon a drug deal gone ...

Starships- Nicki Minaj (Cover) Lindsey Stirling and Megan Nicole

I'm going on a US tour. See dates and get tickets here cover was so much fun to work with Megan. She is so nice and super talented so ...

Troopers: Tractor Beam

NEW CH BATMAN VIDEOLIKE us onRich and Larry's new job puts thousands of lives in their hands, unfortunately.See more us on us on

Celebrity Cameos - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 9

Purchase The Guild Season 5 to Geek and Sundry our community at 'SHOW MORE' FOR FULL CREDIT LISTTWITTER TheGuildThe Guild Season 5 ...

"when you find me"

Project Imagin8ion, a collaboration between Canon and Ron Howard, is the first ever user-generated photo contest that invited consumers to ...

Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: The Avengers and Batman

The Summer of 2012 is the dawn of a new era for the superhero movie. The Avengers and Batman compare notes on whose film is the more ...

Super Cafe: Bros Before Marios

It's a new Super Cafe, ladies and gentlemen A new cafe full of new faces Enjoy episode 3, 'Bros Before Marios'.Get your HISHE shirts ...

Avengers vs. X-Men - Mask & Cape

Kevin and America review Avengers vs. X-Men Issues 1-2 and give Mask Cape's upcoming picks of the week in the comic world.STAN LEE'S ...

Dark Horse Comics - Concrete: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Based on the Dark Horse comics series Concrete more at 'SHOW MORE' FOR SYNOPSIS FULL CREDIT LISTEPISODE ...

Usagi Yojimbo: A Life of Mush - Dark Horse Comics

Based on the Dark Horse comics series Usagi Yojimbo more at 'SHOW MORE' FOR MORE SHOW INFOOnce a loyal retainer until his lord's death ...