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Journey of a RunePure - 99 HP | Maxed 60 Attk Zerker @ 94 CB!

Hey everyone, hope you enjoy the final part to my 'Journey of a RunePure' series I appreciate everybody who showed up, as I know 99 of the ...

Wtf Elvemage PvP Video 2 [Preview]

Hey guys, since my 'Volume' series is finished, I thought I should make the 2nd part to my PvP video. Many of you don't know that I ...

Elve's Commentary Update! Streaming | AGS PK | 60 Attack

Follow my live stream Hey guys this is a short commentary update with a bit of pking. Hope you enjoy hearing my voice ...

Wtf Elvemage: Rags to Riches

It's not the hand that you're dealt, but how you're playing your cards. Check out the clan I'm part of Follow me

Wtf Elvemage Presents: 'Hate Me Now' | X-Mas Special | 07RS Edgeville #Zerk Pking

Most of the time I make videos for my fans. But this particular one are directed towards the parasites that are obsessed with watching me ...

Wtf Elvemage | Winter Comeback Trailer | Runescape 2007 PvP Worlds

Follow Yea... I'm back. Let's have some fun.

Wtf Elvemage Volume 31 "Finale" [Anchor|60 Attk Zerk|99 Str] Runescape 2007 RS PKing

Over 5 years, 31 Volumes, and Millions of views... The Finale is here. And I always go out with a bang. Thank you for watching, please show ...

2007 Runescape Pking - Wtf Elvemage Volume 31 Trailer

Are you ready I decided that I will be editing the video myself, hopefully this trailer will keep you guys waiting. I'm gonna get it out ...

2007 RuneScape - Volume 31 in the making? Much needed Commentary Update.

Hello everyone. Sorry for not keeping you updated on my situation but as of late, RS has been the least of my priorities. Hope you guys ...

RS2007 PKing - 36 35 DDS RAMBO Spec + Whip Smite with 60 atk!

Follow my twitch Talk to me in Zerk on SwiftIRC Not sure whether to stay 60 attack or get 99 p.

Journey of a RunePure - 99 Strength, 99 Ranged, 95 HP Parties

Want to talk to me Join Zerk on SwiftIRC. My live stream Hi everyone, I finally got 99 ranged and my acc is looking d...

Wtf Elvemage Presents: "Champions" East Drag Pking with friends

Went pking at east drags with my friends from Hybrid. I know this isn't my normal playing field and I didn't get any loot, but I don't pk ...