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Diggnation (Quicktime Small)

Diggnation (Quicktime Small)

Diggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories.

TechCrunch's Alexia Tsotsis Interview! - Toasted Donut

TechCrunch co-editor Alexia Tsotsis joins David Prager to discuss how the editorial process at Techcrunch works.

Meet 2012 Olympic Boxer Filmmaker Drea Cooper - Toasted Donut

A bonus episode Glenn interviews filmmaker and friend, Drea Cooper, on his upcoming feature length documentary on female Olympic boxer, ...

The Demise of Digg - Toasted Donut

Hippie Glenn and Prager discuss the demise of Digg, tiny house and the advent of Kickstarter.

3 Days Without AOL: How Barrett Lyon Took Down One of the Biggest Power Players in the Early ...

Barrett Lyon joins Glenn and Prager as a guest for a third time to tell the tale of how he once hacked and took down AOL for 3 days.

Get Packed: You're Heading to Space! - Toasted Donut

Glenn and Prager have Barrett Lyon join to discuss Virgin Galactic's announcement of their first space tourism flight, fireworks gone awry ...

Hacking Passwords & Exploits! - Toasted Donut

Hacker and Internet entrepreneur Barrett Lyon joins Glenn and Prager to chat about learning how to 'explore' during the nascent days of the ...

All Your Email Are Belong to Facebook - Toasted Donut

Facebook's deployment strategy is to op its users in to everything and ask for forgiveness later. Also discussed in this episode are new ...

Stupid Twitter & Instagram Habits - Toasted Donut

Do you hate it when people consistently say annoying things on Twitter or post self aggrandizing things on Instagram Glenn and Prager talk ...

Toasted Nation - Toasted Donut

Toasted Donut is back from its hiatus Join Glenn McElhose and David Prager as the guys chat about tech news, current events and a few of ...

Wisdom - Toasted Donut

In this episode of Toasted Donut, Revision3's head of new programs and program acquisitions, Matt Labate, joins a discussion with Glenn and ...

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts - Toasted Donut

Distant David Prager and Goliath Glenn talk personal update status while delving into topics like multitasking, meditation and mindfulness ...

Social Deviance - Toasted Donut

This week's episode of Toasted Donut could also be known as Toasted Nation episode 1. This is not Diggnation, nevermind that two people ...