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Diggnation (Quicktime Small)

Diggnation (Quicktime Small)

Diggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories.

What Would You 'Ask Jay?' - Toasted Donut

Former CEO of Revision3, Digg, and SimpleGeo welcomes Barrett and Prager into his home to chat about his history and relationship with our ...

Are You Getting an iPhone 5? - Toasted Donut

The iPhone 5 is coming and Prager tells Glenn his predictions. Also Voyager is about to leave the solar system, and transportation and ...

Drifting the Internets with Martin Sargent! - Toasted Donut

In this week's episode, Barrett and Prager sit down again with the Internet's own, Martin Sargent, and catch up on what he's been up to.

Social Engineering with Dirty Underwear - Toasted Donut

Guest host Martin Sargent fills in for Glenn McElhose and joins Barrett Lyon and David Prager to discuss the Apple versus Samsung trial, ...

Ad Sales with RRD (Royal Ryan Daume) - Toasted Donut

While Glenn is on vacation on the East Coast, he visits Ryan Duame, Director of Eastern Sales at Revision3, for some rooftop talk.

Tesla S & Solar Power - Toasted Donut

Glenn is still off on vacation. Prager and Barrett discuss the pending delivery of Prager's Tesla Model S, Barrett's solar powered Tiki ...

Scamming His Way Into Our Hearts: Brian Brushwood - Toasted Donut

While Glenn is still out getting married, Brian Brushwood of Scam School, TWiT, Bizarre Magic, and fire eating fame joins Prager as a ...

On The Surface Of Mars: NASA's Curiosity Rover Landing! - Toasted Donut

Glenn is on vacation, so Barrett Lyon joins Prager to discuss NASA's Curiosity rover landing on Mars along with the advent of commercial, ...

Doug Dalton: Owner of San Francisco's Bourbon & Branch and Former Netscape Engineer! - Toasted ...

Hippie Glenn and Prager are joined by former early Netscape engineer, start-up entrepreneur and prolific bar owner, Doug Dalton.

Analog To Digital - Toasted Donut

Hippie Glenn and Prager discuss the Twitter controversy in NBC's coverage of the Olympics as well as the new

Nuking Users with Dan Huard - Toasted Donut

Hippie Glenn and Prager interview Dan Huard about his role in co-founding Revision3, co-hosting thebroken with Kevin Rose, co-hosting ...

Are You Watching the Olympics? - Toasted Donut

Hippie Glenn and Prager discuss the Olympics as well as the the evolution of YouTube comments.