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Diggnation (Quicktime Small)

Diggnation (Quicktime Small)

Diggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories.

The Gang Does RSA - Toasted Donut

Glenn, Prager and Barrett head to Moscone Center in San Francisco to check out the RSA Security Conference. They run into friend Joseph ...

Prager Goes Noe V on your Ass - Toasted Donut

Talks of meteors and general philosophy on some random stairs in Noe Valley.

Video Game Nostalgia - Toasted Donut

Glenn, Prager, and Barrett are back this week with an episode on video games. They reminisce about games from their childhood.

Glenn's Changing His Name?? - Toasted Donut

It's the sencond episode of 2013 and the guys are back to discuss some of the announcements from CES, the state of internet speeds, and ...

The Toasted New Year - Toasted Donut

Watch Glenn, Prager and Barrett reminisce over the past year, discuss their 2013 New Year's Eve festivities, and Glenn's pending name ...

Tesla Model S Delivery - Toasted Donut

After placing a reservation for a Tesla a little over three years ago, Prager picks up his Model S in Fremont, California with Barrett.

The 16 Million Color Customizable Light Bulb - Toasted Donut

Barrett, Glenn and Prager check out the Philips Hue, a customizable bulb that is reinventing the light bulb.

Pyle and Pyle Pro Bullhorn Reviews - Toasted Donut

Glenn and his pal Skent embark on a hilarious review and comparison of the popular bullhorns from Pyle, the Pyle and the Pyle Pro.

Building with Concrete, Big Time - Toasted Donut

Glenn and Skent dive nose deep into the world of concrete design while informing and teaching others about facts, figures and how to take ...

Visiting The Nobel Prize Winning Gladstone Institutes - Toasted Donut

Prager and Glenn take a field trip down the street to visit their friend Anne Holden who works at the Gladstone Institutes where they've ...

The Slashdot Effect: Online News - Toasted Donut

Glenn, Prager, and Barrett Lyon discuss news including the history of Slashdot, the evolution of the new Digg and discovering and reading ...

Harassing Emails - Toasted Donut

Glenn, Prager, and Barrett discuss secure email in light of the CIA Director David Petraeus investigation/scandal.