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Swipe: Tech News Special from the MWC in Barcelona.

In this week's Swipe a special from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, presented by Sky's Martin Stanford. Featuring the latest gaming ...

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Makes His Doncaster Debut

Five thousand fans screamed for One Direction's Louis Tomlinson as he made his debut for Doncaster Rovers reserves. 'Just putting the shirt ...

Woman Gives Birth On Street In New York City While Trying To Hail A Cab

A woman has given birth on the street in New York while trying to hail a cab to take her to hospital. Polly McCourt was helped by passersby ...

Polar Vortex Returns To Minnesota Bringing Sub-Zero Temperatures

People in Minneapolis have woken to sub zero temperatures for 49 days this winter. Local weatherman Ian Leonard has run out of ways of ...

Cyclist Causes Chaos On M25 Rush Hour Ride

A cyclist caused travel chaos when he chose to pedal along Britain's busiest motorway during rush hour while following a sat nav app on his ...

Man Who Killed Victim With Single Punch Jailed CCTV

A man has been jailed after his single punch led to the death of a stranger after an argument about cycling on the pavement. Lewis Gill, ...

Ukraine 'Berkut' Anti-Riot Police Pray For Forgiveness

Members of Ukraine's notorious 'Berkut' anti-riot police have knelt in prayer and asked for forgiveness for their part in the deaths of ...

Team GB's Women's Curling Team 'Shocked' By Support After Bronze In Sochi Olympics

Team GB's curling bronze medalists tell Sky News they were shocked by the amount of people who took to social media to support them whilst ...

Andrew Pierce: Harriet Harman Must Answer Daily Mail's Questions

The Daily Mail's consultant editor Andrew Pierce says Harriet Harman must answer his paper's questions about the association between the ...

Dave Lee Travis: Sex Assault Retrial Is A Nightmare

Dave Lee Travis has described a decision by prosecutors to seek a retrial for him over sexual assault charges as a 'nightmare'. The former ...

Kiev Protesters In Independence Are Ready If Fighting Kicks Off Again

Sky's Andrew Wilson is in Independence Square, Kiev, where protesters have stockpiled rocks, firewood and stretchers in case the fighting ...

Giant Mango Thieves Caught On CCTV In Australia

A man-go hunt is under way in Australia after thieves armed with heavy machinery managed to steal a 10-metre, seven tonne monument during a ...