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Side by side! Jade tests before and after angioplasty. Aug 1 2013, Feb 2014 and explanation.

Pretty good demo of the power of angioplasty. Jade got quite a bit worse over the next 20 days in August. Had no feeling in the left foot ...

Physics Mystery? Where is the extra heat coming from? Water gains 5 C unexpectedly.

Water gains heat as it drips down the dripwall. that is what is supposed to happen But there is a large unexpected heat gain from the ...

Jades February 25 2014 angioplasty update. How is she doing? We got it for her MS like illness.

August 28 Jade got angioplasty of her Jugulars and her renal vein in Newport Beach California. I'm not sure she would still be alive today ...

Change the world! with a simple garden experiment.

The Delta dripwall has been a great DIY success in a 1 month trial in my greenhouse. But to get it into thousands of gardens around the ...

Choosing Thermometers for garden videos and experiments.

These digital thermometers were compared with each other and with 2 standard thermometers and I found them to be surprisingly accurate and ...

Tips to make your own trickle down dripwall! (not like trickle down econonics, this works!)

Project is about a month old today but mature enough that other people can try it. It is simple, you have a backwall that the sun shines ...

BioChar dripwall delta! Charred wood as a dripwall to warm the soil for seedlings.

Sheet metal works really well for a solar warming drip wall, wood works ok, slate works well, how well will charred wood work

"Drip walls" to move heat down into and under the soil and germinate seedlings?

Cold start to February but this allowed my seedlings to survive in my unheated greenhouse. It trickles heat down into the soil under the ...

"Delta" heat collector irrigator and seed germinator for greenhouses. The LONG update.

Only watch this if you are planning to make your own. I got carried away on the explanation but probably worth looking at this if you want ...

Delta heat mover- More improvements to the technique. Sheet metal seems to be best.

New proper delta made now and tried pond liner , plexi glass or perspex, enameled drip catcher from old oven and sheet metal today. Pond ...

Outdoor "hydronic" window screen solar heat collector (for warming plant roots in raised beds, etc).

This shows a partly made design for an outdoor solar heat collector. I am trying to have a cheap design that sends the heat under the soil ...

Trayed! Improved Delta solar heat mover.

Added an old baking tray as the heat collector instead of the window screen. The improvement was immediate You might ask why this system ...