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Saint Seiya - Soul of Gold -

Saint Seiya - Soul Of Gold -

Transcending eternity, the 12 Gold Saints return to protect love and peace on Earth They gave their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall to ...

(Sub) Clash: Aiolia vs. Andreas! (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 10

Holding Lyfias words close to heart, Aiolia finally faces Andreas Andreas scornfully recounts how he manipulated Lyfia. Fuming with rage, ...

(Sub) Saga, the Unbreakable Bond of Brothers! (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 9

Sigmund, determined to avenge his younger brother Siegfried, is brushed aside by the immense power of the strongest Gold Saint Saga. ...

(Sub) Balder, the Man Chosen by the Gods! (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 8

Shaka, the man closest to the gods, faces God Warrior Balder in the chamber of light. He lives up to his reputation, but Balder subdues him ...

(Sub) Showdown: God Cloth vs. God Cloth! (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 7

A showdown of Gold Saints vs. God Warriors in the 7 chambers starts at last Taurus Aldebaran faces God Warrior Hercules yet again. ...

(Sub) Entering the 7 Chambers of Yggdrasil! (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 6

The Gold Saints are lured into Yggdrasil by Andreas after breaking Fimbulwinter. Lyfia states the brewing evil can be stopped by destroying ...

(Sub) God Cloth's Ultimate Power! (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 5

Learning of the God Cloths powers from Shaka, Mu telepathically tells Aiolia and Lyfia, who are headed to Yggdrasil, that its barrier can ...

(Sub) The 7 God Warriors Assembled! (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 4

When Miros life is at stake under Surts malicious scheme, there emerges the strongest Gold Saint of Athena Gemini Saga Meanwhile, Helena, ...

(Sub) Gold vs. Gold: Clash of the Saints! (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 3

Scorpio Miro finally faces off against one of the God Warriors, Surt. However, standing in his way is none other than Gold Saint Aquarius ...

(Sub) The Secret of Yggdrasil Revealed! (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 2

Aiolia defeats God Warrior Frodi. However, he passes out as the mysterious marks reappear. Lyfia runs about to save Aiolia, but she, too, ...

(Sub) The Gold Legend Revived! (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 1

The 12 Gold Saints gave their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall for Seiya and the Saints in their battle against Hades in the Underworld. ...