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A computer hardware and games enthusiast who specialises in Mac Gaming.

How to: Add USB 3.0 to your Mac Pro - Inateck PCIe Card

Time to install the Inateck USB3.0 PCIe card in my Mac Pro. NOTE The driver disc is not needed for OS X, as the Fresco chipset used on the ...

Let's See: Stasis Alpha - Mac OS X

Let's see what Stasis Alpha is like shall we A horror, point and click adventure for Windows and Mac. Made in South Africa To Subscribe ...

Let's See: Null Divide+ - Mac OSX

Let's see what Null Divide is like shall we Null Divide+ Twitter GAME DESCRIPTION Null Divide+ is a top down shooter presented with a ...

Let's See: Bionic Dues - Mac OS X

An early look at the upcoming Bionic Dues, a tactical turn-based roguelite, with mechs. The game launched on the 8th of October. Bionic ...

Let's See: Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim - Mac OS X

Let's see what Cornerstone The Song of Tyrim is like shall we An indie open world adventure where Zelda Wind Waker meets Dark Souls An open ...

How to: Install a PCIe SSD into your Mac Pro

How to install a PCIe SSD setup into your Mac Pro or PC. It's extremely easy and takes under 10 . Twitter Tumblr ...

Unboxing Samsung 840 EVO SSD, Apricorn Velocity X2, SanDisk 16GB

Time to unbox my items for OS X 10.9 Mavericks Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD Apricorn Velocity X2 PCIe interface card for 6Gb SSD's SanDisk ...

How to: Add a Blu-Ray drive to a Mac Pro

Ever wanted to change your Mac's super drive, and play Blu Rays It's rather simple, and here's a short video to show you just how to do it. ...

How to: Upgrade your Mac Pro graphics card. GTX 660 3GB

If you have a Mac Pro you probably have an old graphics card in it, even if you opted for the most expensive Mac one when buying. Those ...

How to: Play Torchlight II on Mac OS X

Tired of waiting for Runic Games to finally get their Mac version of the game out, but don't want to bother with Windows Let me show you ...

Unboxing Inateck USB3 PCIe card for Mac Pro

Time to unbox the Inateck USB3.0 PCIe card for Mac Pro's and Windows Desktops. Inateck KTU3FR-4PA 4 USB 3.0 Ports Included power cables ...

How to: Use an Xbox 360 pad on Mac OS X

Installing and using an Xbox 360 pad on a Mac couldn't be easier You just need 2 things. You controller, and the drivers for OS X. The ...