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Dweebcast brings you the latest and greatest from the vast world of dweeb culture. Host Andy Riesmeyer covers movies, comics, TV, video ...

Pete and Pete Reunion? | DweebCast | OraTV

We caught up with Danny Tamberelli and Mike Maronna from The Adventures of Pete and Pete to talk about reunions, GTA V and future projects ...

Interview: What does Lou Ferrigno think of the new Hulk? | DweebCast | OraTV

At this year's Stan Lee's Comickaze, Andy Riesmeyer caught up with Lou Ferrigno to talk Hulk, conventions and getting SUPERHERO-HUGE. Check ...

New Writers for Marvel/Netflix Shows and Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure! | DweebCast | OraTV

Good news on the Marvel front Disney and Netflix are reportedly in talks with writer/producer Drew Goddard to pen the upcoming Daredevil ...

Thor: The Dark World Reviewed! | DweebCast | OraTV

Thor is back and so is his magic hammer Also, so is Mjolnir Get it We checked out Thor The Dark World, check out our interview to hear what ...

Batman/Superman News and Star Wars Video Casting | DweebCast | OraTV

Happy Monday, dweebs Lots of news from the Batman/Superman movie dropped over the weekend, with Zack Snyder, Kevin Smith and Amy Adams ...

HUGE NEWS: Marvel Sells 4 Superhero Shows to Netflix! | DweebCast | OraTV

Just when you thought Marvel was gonna ease off the whole superhero team-up thing...NOPE They just changed the game again Disney and ...

Thor and Loki Get Shipped Hard, People Hate COD | DweebCast | OraTV

Activision is gettin they brag on The game studio says it has shipped 1 billion worth of the new hit game Call of Duty Ghosts but not all ...

Celebrities Poop! Chris Gore at Comikaze | DweebCast | OraTV

Did you know that celebrities poop Yup. S'true. All of 'em. Just ask comedian/writer/podcaster Chris Gore, whom we caught up with at Stan ...

Call of Duty: Ghosts Review (Single Player) | DweebCast | OraTV

We got our first look at Activisions Call of Duty Ghosts, and as expected, it was incredible Heres our spoiler-free review of the awesome ...

Interview: Ender's Game Trailer Superstar Eric Artell | DweebCast | OraTV

We sat down with OraTV's Daily Rehash host Eric Artell to talk about his appearance in Ender's Game. Hear Eric's behind-the-scenes account

Amazing Spider-Band and George Romero Disses The Walking Dead! | DweebCast | OraTV

Marc Webb, director of the upcoming 'Amazing Spider-Man 2,' has created a supergroup with Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr and ...

The Walking Dead Goes to College! | DweebCast | OraTV

Ever wish there was an entire college course on the zombie apocalypse Youre in luck AMC and University of California, Irvine teamed up this ...