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iFanboy (Flash Large)

IFanboy (Flash Large)

iFanboy is all about comic books. Each week, the guys shed new light on the world of comics and graphic novels. Be it finding new comics, ...

iFanboy Mini - Phonogram

With Phonogram 2 The Singles Club coming out in a few months, Ron wants to make sure you read the first Phonogram story. If you like music ...

iFanboy Mini - New Comics Preview: 9/24/08

It's an eclectic mix of books out this Wednesday, and Josh takes a look at the comics he's most excited about.

iFanboy Mini - It Came From the Storage Unit: The Avengers #283

Conor dives into his storage unit to attempt to remember the stories behind the covers This week The Avengers 283

iFanboy Mini - Title: Pick of the Week: Echo #6

Terry Moore's newest series proves that Conor's heart lives on to beat another day.

iFanboy Mini - Age of The Sentry #1

So Marvel finally got around to giving us some Silver Age stories of The Sentry with the first issue of The Age of the Sentry. Can writer ...

iFanboy - Classic DC Comics Vault

What's in the iFanboy comics vault this week One of the most famous reboots of all time, a rollicking cosmic adventure, and the precursor ...

iFanboy Mini - Best Superman Issue Ever: Action Comics #775

Josh looks back on the best single issue of Superman he's ever read, Action Comics 775.

iFanboy Mini - New Comics Shipping 9/17/08

It's time of week again New comics are coming this Wednesday and you better not miss The Age of the Sentry 1, All-Star Superman 12, War ...

iFanboy Mini - Who's Who in the DC Universe

Conor breaks out the big gray binder of knowledge

iFanboy Mini - Pick of the Week: Invincible #52

The Pick of the Week goes to Josh, and he gives the honors to Invincible 52, which just keeps getting better.

iFanboy Mini - More Bad DC Villains

Because there were too many for one Mini, Josh and Conor are back to laugh at more horrible DC villains.

iFanboy - Comic Book Villains

A superhero is only as good as his villains, and it's time iFanboy takes a look at the bad guys, and what makes them so good.