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iFanboy (Flash Large)

IFanboy (Flash Large)

iFanboy is all about comic books. Each week, the guys shed new light on the world of comics and graphic novels. Be it finding new comics, ...

iFanboy - Oni Press Spotlight

This week, iFanboy focuses on the diverse output from Oni Press, the independent publisher of such amazing titles as Scott Pilgrim, Wonton ...

iFanboy - Secret Invasion

Skrulls Skrulls Skrulls If you were reading Marvel Comics in 2008 it was all about Skrulls because of a little mini-series called Secret ...

iFanboy - Death and Comics

This week, iFanboy takes a look at the comic book death. It can be poignant and touching, or a cheap marketing ploy to sell more books. No ...

iFanboy - Indie Comics Vault

What's in the vault this week Cowboys in space who used to be on TV, hapless workers in a super-villain corporation, and a big, mean bully ...

iFanboy - The Gift of Comics

The season of giving is here, and iFanboy would be remiss if they didn't share some of the best comic book and graphic novels gifts you can ...

iFanboy - iFanboy's First Comics

For iFanboy's 100th episode the guys take a look back at some of the comics that started it all. The comics that planted the seeds of ...

iFanboy - The Punisher

Punisher War Zone is the newest film version of Frank Castle, but he's got a long and varied history in comics. This week, it's everything ...

iFanboy - More Comic Book Voicemail

With the end of the year comes cold weather, holiday spirit, and comic book voicemails iFanboy sits down and opens up the voicemail box to ...

iFanboy - Mike Allred

This week on iFanboy, Ron and Sonia talk with creator, writer, and artist Mike Allred about Madman, Red Rocket 7, Fables, and X-Statix, ...

iFanboy - Comics from Movies

Big superhero movies are not the only comic book properties out. This week, iFanboy takes a look at some of the great comics that have been ...

iFanboy - Image Comics

Image Comics, the company famously born from an artists revolt, is now the place to find some of the best writers in comic books

iFanboy - Politics in Comic Books

Politics are everywhere You can't escape them This week, iFanboy looks at IDW's Obama and McCain biography comics, and some other series ...