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iFanboy (Flash Large)

IFanboy (Flash Large)

iFanboy is all about comic books. Each week, the guys shed new light on the world of comics and graphic novels. Be it finding new comics, ...

Miracleman - iFanboy

There is perhaps, no more storied out of print work than Alan Moore's Miracleman. But that doesn't stop iFanboy.

Grillin' Meat, Talkin' Comics - iFanboy

iFanboy Celebrates the Fourth of July the best way they know how, by grilling up a bunch of meat and reading viewer mail and answering the ...

The Best Comics of 2009... so far - iFanboy

What are the best comics we've seen this year What are the titles you should be looking out for We go through all our favorite titles of ...

Welcome to Astro City - iFanboy

Astro City, the creator owned comic from Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross and Brent Anderson is one of iFanboy's favorite comics of all time. By ...

Autobiographical Comic Books - iFanboy

This week on iFanboy it's all about me, me, me Look at me

The Audience Demands It: Deadpool, Locke and Key, Secret Six - iFanboy

We asked the audience what comics iFanboy wasn't paying enough attention to, and now we're back with our reviews on Deadpool, Locke and ...

Comics of Unusual Size Vault - iFanboy

What's in the vault this week Teenagers who REALLY don't like their parents an English space hero returns to face his greatest enemy and a ...

Your E-Mails and Voicemails About Comics - iFanboy

It's that time again You wrote and called into iFanboy and we're answering your questions about how long it takes to read a comic, who ...

Crime Comic Books - iFanboy

Have you got a thing for heists, bank jobs, or capers Lucky for you crime comics have made a massive comeback in recent years, and now ...

Big Books About Comics - iFanboy

All comic book readers have a big stack of those big comic book reference books. You either hunt them down, or get them as gifts, but ...

Wolverine - iFanboy

The short, hairy, surly mutant with claws and a weird haircut is the one of the most popular and enduring characters Marvel has. With the ...

Ron's Christmas Gift Vault Show - iFanboy

What's in the vault this week The last member of an intergalactic police force an icon of truth, justice and the Soviet Way and some young ...