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Videos released every day A group of pals who enjoy playing and talking about video games. All of our content is aimed at having fun The ...

Rust [Spotlight] - Rock Fighting Simulator

to subscribe and Aphmau check out Rust, this crazy rock simulator. Oh wait, isn't this a survivalgame Well, they've got some big rocks and ...

Iron & Coal: Server Update! [Part 6] - Quests and Mechanics

to subscribe and Aphmau give you the inside scoop on how the server will function We also show off a quest and explain how quests will ...

AwesomeCraft [Part 11] - Lack of Boat Communications

to subscribe Part 11IGNORE ALL OF OUR PREVIOUS OBLIGATIONS We decided we REALLY wanted to make a boat, so we go on to make one. Don't ...

Pixelmon Survival [Season 2: Part 5] - Satiel's Finest Hour

to subscribe Survival Season 2 Part 5It's time to make some Pokeballs The guys decide that it's time to start mass producing these bad ...

AwesomeCraft [Part 10] - TL;DR, But We Do Anyway

to subscribe lazy didn't read... BUT WE HAVE TO, URGH Follow us on Twitter Aphmau's Twitter Satiel's Twitter us on Facebook out ...

Pixelmon Survival [Season 2: Part 4] - Type Advantage

to subscribe Survival Season 2 Part 4Sorry, but you're not my type. Aphmau quickly finds out that she can easily level off of rock and ...

AwesomeCraft [Part 9] - Go Out and Play Minecraft!

to subscribe and Aphmau continue to pimp out their house, you'd think they'd never seen a doorbell before... Still exploring Mr. ...

Pixelmon Survival [Season 2: Part 3] - The Healing Bench

to subscribe Survival Season 2 Part 3YEAH NO MO' DEAD POKEMANS Err... not that they were 'dead' they were just taking a nap kids. Don't ...

50,000 Subscriber Special [Q&A] - Thank you!

to subscribe no way we can truly express how appreciative we are for your support. Without you guys we would not be where we are today. We ...

AwesomeCraft [Part 8] - Mnebay

to subscribe ON ALL THE THINGS Aphmau and Satiel start to explore Mr. Crayfish's furniture mod and mindlessly spend their precious ...

Saints Row IV [Part 2]: How the Saints Saved Christmas

to subscribe Row IV How the Saints Saved ChristmasIt's that time of year, the time of year where the Saints are called on the save ...

AwesomeCraft [Part 4] - Out on the ole' Frontier (Fixed Audio)

to subscribe previous episode had some audio issues. We've fixed and re-uploaded for your hearing enjoyment. We set out onward to explore ...